Hotel mapping has arrived

Mapping.Works ensures that the hotel inventory you receive from every supplier can be mapped, presented, and sold on your systems

  • Mapping of hotel data contributes directly to revenue increase

    Proven Revenue Increase

  • Hotel mapping application with drag and drop functionality

    Drag & Drop

  • Fully automated hotel mapping application that matches, dedupes and maps hotel ID records

    Full Automation

  • Achieve hotel mapping accuracy with nearly 99.9999% success levels

    Market-Leading Accuracy

Don’t try to be a hotel mapping company
that’s WHY we Are HERE

Without an advanced hotel mapping solution, you lose money by discarding bookable inventory.
It’s a huge challenge, with no easy solutions

  • Current flows that demonstrate hotel mapping and matching enefficiencies


Mapping.Works, powered by Artificial Intelligence, tracks, measures and facilitates hotel inventory mapping across your entire distribution network

Easy to use drag and drop interface allows you to instanlty upload and map hotel data files
Access, review and download the results of hotel mapping via the application

Join the Hotel Mapping Revolution

Eliminate Costly Mistakes

Verify proper hotel mapping quickly and effectively, as often as you want, to prevent financial damages from mistmaches

Mapping quality has impact on financial loss sustained from incorrect mapping

Stop Worrying About Hotel Mapping

Maximize your growth potential by supplementing internal hotel matching with an automated, AI-Powered Solution

Mapping.Works is great mapping tool that works as stand-alone or in conjunction with your current systems

Give Suppliers Visibility Into Your Hotel Mapping status

Instead of waiting for the suppliers to bother you for your hotel mapping tables, send them automated reports

Mapping.Works allows communication between you as an OTA and your hotel inventory providers on any mapping related topic

We map better than anyone else

Unlike ID tables or manual hotel mapping solutions, Mapping.Works is a cloud-based service, utilizing AI and machine learning. We don't try to create standards that everyone has to adhere to - we work around the inefficiencies to truly solve the industry's hotel mapping challenge.

As easy as Drag & Drop

Behind the scenes, MappingWorks utilizes advanced Machine Learning and AI algorithms to align your hotel inventory with any mapping / hotel IDs table available, increasing your hotel inventory visibility and eliminating friction on your path to greater revenues.

  • 1. DRAG & DROP/FTP
    Upload your current Hotel IDs table

  • 2. Receive cross referenced Hotel IDs mapped with your inventory providers

  • 3. Receive continuous incremental mapping updates across your supply sources

  • 1. “Unlock” prices you couldn’t see

  • 2. Get better inventory

  • 3. Simplify work with suppliers

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  • Automated mapping solution

  • Correctly map each supplier’s inventory

  • Let suppliers see you’re mapped well

  • Stop relying on 3rd party efforts

  • Better mapping - proven revenue increase