Hotel Mapping Has Arrived

Mapping.Works ensures your hotel inventory is correctly mapped and represented across your entire distribution network, effortlessly and automatically

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  • Drag & Drop

  • Full Automation

  • Market-Leading Accuracy


When you send your inventory out, you blindly trust unknown number of companies with non-standard databases to handle it properly, map it and move it up the supply chain

introducing THE FIRST AUTOMATIC HOTEL MAPPING solution for hotel inventory providers

Mapping.Works, powered by Artificial Intelligence, tracks, measures and facilitates hotel inventory mapping across your entire distribution network

Join the Hotel Mapping Revolution

Data-Driven Approach to Success

Mapping.Works automatically keeps your hotel inventory mapped up-to-date, eliminating important product display blindspots

Let Our AI Do the Heavy Lifting

Mapping.Works corrects mistakes in your affiliates' mapping datasets and hotel ID cross reference tables, no matter their size

Showcase Your Unique Inventory

Mapping.Works automatically and intelligently highlights unique offerings for each of your distributors

See How Hotel Mapping Impacts Your Business

Connect your reservation flow to Mapping.Works, and see the financial impact of hotel mapping levels

Stop relying on old-fashioned manual hotel mapping

Mapping.Works is agnostic to the quality of your affiliates’ existing hotel mapping solutions, and requires no manual labor. It just works - all day, every day

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As easy as Drag & Drop

Mapping.Works requires no integration and can be operational within a day. Its ability to utilize advanced Machine Lerning and AI alogorithms to align your hotel inventory with any mapping table remains behind the scenes, leaving you with a simple to use interface and streamlined processes

Supplier Process

  • 1. Get MappingWorks

  • 2. Tell your Affiliates

  • 3. Access Dashboard to see Results

Affiliate Process

  • 1. Drag & Drop / FTP a property list

  • 2. Receive a hotel mapping table within 1-4 hours

  • 3. Receive continuous mapping tables and opportunity updates

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  • Automated mapping solution

  • Correctly map each supplier’s inventory

  • Let suppliers see you’re mapped well

  • Stop relying on 3rd party efforts

  • Better mapping - proven revenue increase